Assessment Process

Accurate diagnosis, on the first day

Diagnosing headache needn’t be guesswork and endless scans. Our assessment methods determine if we can help on day one.

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Cutting edge research and treatment methods

We pride ourselves on using only the latest up to date research, and not biased by drug-company influence or marketing.

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Drug-free, effective treatment

Treating headache and migraine needn’t be trigger avoidance, or powerful medications. Treatment begins on day one.

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We understand your headache/migraine condition

Headache and Migraine conditions are all we treat; ensuring the highest quality of patient care.

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Our Promise to our Patients

What do we treat

Brisbane Headache Centre prides itself on treating all headache/migraine types, including

How do we assess and treat it?

Our clinicians are the most qualified in the country to treat the upper neck in headache conditions, using world-first techniques.

What is the science behind what we do?

We use only the most up-to-date clinical methods, using the latest research, in a most professional manner.

Who are we and why do we do it?

Our clinicians have spent years working with patients just like yourself because we are passionate about getting results for you.